Waking up at 4:30 to drive into Boston for an engagement shoot is something you never really look forward to. However, on the drive into the city, watching the sun slowly creep it’s way up into the perfectly blue sky, I was suddenly very excited for such an amazing opportunity. It’s not every day a couple is willing to wake up super early to get prepped and ready for an engagement shoot. 9 times out of 10, couple’s prefer afternoon engagements, but Eric and Hannah are the outdoorsy, adventurist type, so naturally this was no big thing.

From their amazing wardrobe choices to the incredible urban location, everything about Eric and Hannah’s engagement session was a dream. The light seemed to bounce playfully off the tall buildings creating a soft glow everywhere we turned and Hannah and Eric were such a joy for me to photograph. There’s nothing better than fun couples that aren’t afraid of showing affection and love for one another in front of my camera. Plus, just look at them!! Talk about a gorgeous couple! To say I’m excited to photograph their wedding would be an understatement.EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0001 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0002 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0003From the bride-to-be:

How we met:

In the fall of 2009 we both entered the part-time MBA program at Boston University. A great group of friends formed at B.U. that included both myself and Eric, not realizing at the time that this group of friends would be the start of a new and exciting chapter in our lives. Neither of us remembers exactly when we met during the first year of the program but we can both confirm that we noticed each other sitting across the classroom. Fast-forward two years to International Finance class in the summer of 2011. Eric had walked into class that day with stitches in his face and missing an eyebrow, apparently blaming it on a “wakeboarding” accident. Naturally I was intrigued. The night of our class final just happened to be the same night game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals was on, so being the responsible students we were, we raced through the exam to get out in time to catch the game. The Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup that night but more importantly it was the first time we can remember being out alone without the rest of our group of friends. Together watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup playoffs in Fenway, somehow we both knew something had changed between us. Perhaps it was the initial intrigue or subtle glances across the classroom. Or perhaps it was our common enthusiasm for the Bruins. Whatever it was, it was the start of a relationship that quickly evolved from a casual friendship to much, much more.

EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0005 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0006
From the bride-to-be:

The proposal:

It was a Saturday in December and I assumed we would be doing the same thing we did most Saturday’s in the winter – snowboard at Cannon Mountain. I had noticed Eric was a little out of sorts when he was pulled over for speeding, a move more typical of myself. The day went mostly as planned, including poor early season skiing conditions that sent us back to the house half way through the day. After a bit of convincing to get re-dressed in Eric’s oversized ski clothes that I would later regret wearing for such a significant moment, we decided to go for an afternoon walk. We’ve always enjoyed walking together, no matter the season, since it’s often the only time we busy professionals get to spend together without any distractions. As this particular walk came to a close, Eric veered away from our house down to a scenic overlook. I climbed up the snow bank to take in the view but when I turned back around I didn’t see Eric until I looked down. There on a bended knee was my handsome Eric holding a ring box (that we later realized was upside down) he’d been concealing for the entire walk. I gracefully jumped off the snow bank (aka – slipped and half fell off the snow bank) and joined Eric down on the ground where we fell into an embrace with snow falling on top of us. Storybook proposal or not, we truly look forward to sharing many happy years of shared passion for an active, sporty, and entertaining lifestyle together.

EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0008 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0009 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0010 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0011 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0012 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0013 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0014 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0015 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0016 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0017 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0018 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0019 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0020 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0021 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0022 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0023 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0024 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0025 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0026 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0027 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0028 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0029 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0030 EricHannah_AbiElainePhotography__0031