Once in a while, people pop into our lives that really leave an impression. An impression like you make with your hands when you press them on one of those seriously awesome memory foam pillows. (You know you do it…) This married couple definitely fell into that category – a husband who loves his wife with a quite strength and kindness and a wife who loves him right back with all sorts of sweetness and admiration.

When Parastoo first stepped out of their car, she greeted me with a big, stunning smile and I immediately knew I liked her. She has one of those super warm and sweet personalities that make you want to be around her all the time. Her hubby, Hosein, isn’t much different. They are both such insanely kind people it’s hard not to love them. And it’s just a huge bonus that they happen to be a gorgeous couple!! I mean, seriously, Parastoo is GORGEOUS. At the end of our session I turned to Hosein and said “Hosein, you are one lucky man.” To which he replied with a smile, “I know.” But honestly they’re both truly blessed to have found their soul mates in each other.

Friday started off with a lot of super dark, gray clouds and some rain. I kept looking out the window just hoping with crossed fingers and toes that the weather would clear up since I only had one shot to photograph Hosein and Parastoo’s session. Sometime around noon the clouds started to dissipate and blue started to poke through. YES!! By the time we met up, it was literally one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this Fall. The light was sooo warm and perfect it made all the colorful foliage glow as if it was plugged in. I was ecstatic! Especially since Parastoo had mentioned more than once that she really wanted that “Fall feeling” in the photos. To say she got that “Fall feeling” would be understatement.

Hosein and Parastoo, it was truly an honor to document your love and affection for each other. You’re both fantastic and my life feels enriched to have met you 🙂 I’m looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future!! Wishing you guys lots of laughter, tenderness, and adventure in your marriage!!!!!

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